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BJBB: Saeko [Hearts] by Pimpin-Waffle
BJBB: Saeko [Hearts]

E n t e r  P a s s c o d e :
      > I  l i k e   C h e r r I e s

...L o a d I n g...L o a d I n g…L o a d I n g…


I n f o r m a t I o n   r e t r I e v e d …
S y n t h e s I z I n g   I n f o r m a t I o n

      > L o a d I n g   F I l e :   ‘ S a e k o ’

... B a s i c  I n f o r m a t I o n  L o a d I n g…

> Name: Saeko
    >> Real Name: Information Unavailable

> Age: 20
    >> Date of Birth: July
       >>>  2014 +1 year

> Height: 6’4
      >> 2014 +2 in
> Weight: 200 lbs

> Sex: Male
> Profession: Ripper
      >>  Sub Profession: Hitman
> Rank: D orange
> Suit: King of Hearts

> Primary Weapon: Gloves with metal claws
> Secondary Weapon: Serrated throwing knives
> Previous Weaponry: Brass knuckles, Hunting knife
> Items: Wedding Rings on a necklace, keychain to match Emilie’s necklace
   >> Wedding rings belonged to late wife and himself.
   >> Keychain glows in response to body heat on Emilie’s Necklace.

> Race: Native American/Japanese
> Scars: Cross shaped Scar on Face, Gun shot through lower ribs, Cut down left arm, gunshot on right shoulder

  P E R S O N A L I T Y:

{ Proud | Brutal Honesty | Quiet | Aggressive | Ambitious | Possessive | Protective | }

Outwardls, Saeko is a very aloof creature; he doesn’t talk very much when he isn’t comfortable or familiar with a situation, and rarely speaks unless someone speaks to him first. However, it isn’t because of anxiety. Saeko is honest and will speak his mind, often too bluntly and honestly for many to handle. He’s a proud man and often will not back down from a potential fight unless she knows he is severely outmatched.

His demeanor varies between men, women and children. Men will experience very aggressive, nearly violent reactions and words from Saeko due to his severe distrust of males. He develops a severe alpha male type personality and will try to intimidate or fight the male away, especially if there is a female present.

However, if Saeko encounters a feminine male that he believes to be female at first. he will not know how to process the encounter after learning their true sex. This will lead to confusion and discomfort on his part.

Females and children see a gentler side of him and will probably be avoided to the best of his ability. He’s more of a bleeding heart to them and will pretty much let them do anything. He becomes a bit of a tool and will do a lot of what they ask just because he feels obligated to.

Saeko doesn’t make many friends due to his aloof nature and aggression, but the ones he does have he’s very possessive over, and dislikes sharing them with anyone. Often, he won’t make this fact well known and keeps his jealousy well covered, but he may get overprotective of his friends.

Saeko will violently attack those who provoke him to the point of physical aggression, and he doesn’t seem to possess any restraint once he’s begun fighting and will often kill or severely injure his opponent without paying attention to his own injuries. He tends to fight in very personal ways. With choking, stabbing and beating his opponent rather than distancing himself from them. He subconsciously gets pleasure from the life leaving their body.  

> Strengths:
   >> Physical Prowess
   >> Boxing Knowledge
   >> Stamina

> Weaknesses:

   >> Easily worked up if it concerns his loved ones
   >> Speed
   >> Trigger Happy

> Quirks:
   >> Sleeps in odd positions
   >> Eats anything that doesn’t eat him first

   >> Dances well

> Hobbies:
   >> Working out

> Skills:
   >> Can dance very well
   >> Can turn the simplest recipe into a disaster
   >> Doesn’t get sick often, seemingly resistant to food poisoning.
   >> Remarkably good with children
   >> Surprisingly flexible and balanced despite his size
   >> Can fix basic appliances and car problems
   >> Can take a remarkable amount of stress and physical damage

   >> Lots of food
   >> Turtles

   >> Cars/Motorcycles and Driving

   >> Most males
   >> Authority Figures
   >> Fish

 H I s t o r y :

Saeko was born the first child to Takeru and Aiyana, both strong carriers of the bunny gene and residents of Pearson City. However, just a year later, Saeko would have another sibling, and another, and another until he was the oldest of eleven other children. The parents were already living at poverty line when Saeko arrived, but the other children threw them into a pit they could never dig themselves out of. The older children often went without food so that they younger children could have a better chance at survival. Saeko was left to fend for himself most of the time, but was expected to help the other children get food as well.

For a long time, Saeko growing up was scrawny and insignificant due to his lack of nourishment, but street fight after street fight, he developed his fighting skills well enough so that he could hold his own and fight for food. Some noticed his talents, and Saeko landed himself a under the table job as a fighter, where he was fed and trained so he could grow. He notably bulked up as much as his young body would allow.

Saeko has a very low level of schooling, he didn’t even make it past the first few years of primary school before his parents needed him at home to help take care of the babies. His other siblings followed suit, and only one actually stayed in the public school.

Saeko, however, could not handle the stress of having such a large family. Despite being around them so much, Saeko grew to resent his family, specifically his father, who he knew cheated on his mother (only to be proved with the emergence of his half sibling, Jayce). The man would sometimes dole out harsh punishments to the children if they spilled their limited food, or broke something that cost money to replace. Saeko would confront his father about it and take the blame if he could. This often led to many fights between the two, where young Saeko would end up getting physically hurt. Because of this treatment, many of Saeko’s siblings looked up to him as a replacement father figure, where they would bring him toys to fix, or come to him about nightmares and problems rather than Takeru.

The stress would eventually drive Saeko into running from his home at the age of 15, leaving behind his siblings and family to pursue another life. While he regrets the sadness of leaving, he does not regret his decision to flee.

Saeko would arrive in a different part of Pearson City far away from his home and would work a few odd jobs and learn basic blue collar skills (fixing basic car troubles, fixing basic appliance problems, yard work and the like) before he would make his way back into the boxing ring at 17, his prepubescent body no longer a problem. With a lot of pent up aggression and testosterone along with the need for money, Saeko got hurt far too many times so that the medical assistants would know him personally. However, he won more fights than he lost and grew a reputation in his workplace.

One night, he’s learn that one of the medics had quit and been replaced with a much younger and more attractive bunny named Annabelle. Saeko’s interest in females had been fleeting at finest with the stress of all the children at home and work, but she quickly grew on him. Annabelle was nothing like he had seen before. Her soft face and wide, almost innocent heterochromatic eyes were strange and exotic to him, and unlike his family and many of the people he lived with him in his old home, she was very pale, clean and fragile looking, like a small doll. She was far removed from his old life and got his mind off of things.

She fixed him a few times, and they went on a date or two before things took a sexual turn. However, Saeko had no knowledge of protection, and Annabelle quickly turned up pregnant. Saeko didn’t learn until three months into their relationship, but when he did, he immediately pooled together his extra money and bought her a simple gold ring. Things went by quickly, and while Saeko was scared of the prospect of returning to a similar lifestyle as the one he had left, he was truly happy. Months passed, and soon a child arrived; Thomas. He had his mother’s pale skin and light hair, but his father’s eyes and many of Saeko’s native facial features.

The three moved into a small apartment together and it seemed lovely enough; fights didn’t happen too much between the couple, predominantly because they were often away from each other. Anabelle had landed a job as a nurse at a nearby hospital and Saeko, while still fighting in the ring, was still looking for a more socially acceptable profession. With a little bit of extra money, they could afford a baby sitter for Thomas for when they were both at work.

Sadly, their life came to a screeching halt just a year after it started. Saeko had been at work all day and returned home to find Anabelle, who was carrying a second child at that time and was on maternity leave for her second pregnancy, and Thomas dead on the floor, two human male intruders in his home. The sudden stress snapped Saeko’s fragile mind and things got gruesome very quickly. The two men were left just about unrecognizable, and Saeko didn’t realize that he had sustained some injuries until much later. He held his dead family for the last time before leaving to desecrate the bodies of the intruders further by straining them out for everyone to see.

Saeko went back to the ring, but didn’t last long because of his lack of restraint. He had to be held back many times, especially if there were human competitors. He almost killed one before he was forcibly removed from the premises and thrown onto the streets. He had no apartment anymore, and spent a good amount of money on cigarettes and alcohol (when he could get away without getting carded) and had nowhere to go. Luckily, a member of BJBB saw him and his fighting ability and convinced Saeko to join the brigade.

Saeko was born to a large family and was forced to take care of them alongside his mother and father, who was often absent and cheating on his wife. Dropping out of school and spending most of his time in the streets scrounging for food, Saeko developed his fighting skills and fought under the table for money. He left his home at the age of 15 and moved to a different part of Pearson City, where he would work odd jobs until he got back into the ring at 17. He met Annabelle, a medical assistant who fixed him up a few times, and she got pregnant just a few weeks after meeting him. They got married and had a child named Thomas. However, Anabelle and Thomas were killed by intruders in their home, who were in turn brutalized by Saeko. Saeko left his home once again after taking his wife’s ring and a ribbon that Thomas had. He jumped back into the fights and his aggression had skyrocketed to the point where he nearly killed his opponent and was forcefully removed from the bar. A BJBB member recruited him and took him back to the brigade, where he was placed in a room with Kiarel and some other bunnies.

The brigade moved to a new location, and Saeko got separated from his group multiple times. Somehow, he made it out of the tunnels alive and with all the luggage before collapsing, exhausted and ill. He doesn’t remember much of his time being sick, but he remembers someone taking care of him.

He met Emilie in a bar where he had picked up a second income of money and immediately became protective of her due to her semblance to his late wife. He saved her from some men and dragged her all over the city to avoid being caught for the murder of two of the three men. They returned to the brigade and their relationship has developed quickly since then.

Posra taking the spades into custody threw Saeko over the edge for a short while. He felt as if he had failed again and picked up some unsavory behaviors and habits (smoking and elevated aggression). Upon the spades returned, he visibly relaxed and has since dropped the habits and improved. Emilie has even taken an effect on his appearance.

Branch Account

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 30, 2015, 7:05 AM
Hello everyone! This is just a quick announcement for those interested in my literature not associated with my rp characters. 

I am creating a branch account for just non-group literature. This includes mainly fanfictions and independent writing, but other topics may come up. I want to improve my writing, but for the sake of tidiness and my own personal comfort, they will be here


Any of my literature located on this profile will stay.

I am taking requests, and hopefully I will have a donation pool up for completely optional donations. I am a freshman in college who's very tight on money right now, so anything helps!

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Love Waffu Waifu by Pimpin-Waffle
Love Waffu Waifu
Kao Emoji-16 (Happy Birthday) [V1] Llama Emoji-55 (Happy New Year) [V3] Llama Emoji-55 (Happy New Year) [V3] Llama Emoji-55 (Happy New Year) [V3] Kao Emoji-16 (Happy Birthday) [V1] 

Happy birthday my waifu, MotherOfJayzer !! 

I hope you recognize the creature I drew to be your lovely horse, Millie. 
I've never horsed before so I hope it's good 

I'm very glad to have met you and this is a little early, but I hope with the fraptuous day comes, you have a lovely time with your friends and family~

Llama Emoji-60 (Snug or Hug) [V3] 
Node I by Pimpin-Waffle
Node I
I goofed the first time uploading this, whoops.

Before Saeko met his Merry Band of Misfits (AKA: Group 7 ), he had a run in with the mini milies.
Castollux - Void by Pimpin-Waffle
Castollux - Void
Thank you Jaewolfeh22z for drawing this for me since my tablet was broken!


Name: Castollux (Cast-all-ox)
               Origin:: Mixture of Castor and Pollux (the brightest stars in the gemini constellation)
               Kit name:: Yarne (Yarn)
               Most common Aliases: Yarne, Castiel, Pollux, Castor, Allah, Elohim
                          More often then not, he introduces himself with whatever name pops up first, making it difficult for others to effectively identify him to others
Age: moons (the bio typo will be fixed later)
               Birth season: Summer (June 12)
               Astrological sign: Gemini
Gender: unknown Male
Tribe: Void

Position: Soldier
Tattoo: Void


Signature Move
:bulletyellow: Branched Fangs
     - Castollux uses his extremely long tail as another part of his arsenal. It's fluffy appearance hides the ten hidden Wind Flacon Feathers that can only be seen and properly used if he fluffs the fur. He hits his opponent with the blades as if his tail were a club. 
      - Skills used: TBA

Bipolar| Upbeat/Cheerful | Morbid | Undeterred by ‘Fate’ | Free spirited | Faux Innocence | Charismatic | Passionate | Fast Paced | Cryptic | Sadistic | Photographic Memory | Troll | Tease | Creepy | MacGyver | Fearless | Fighter |Sociopathic

Bipolar| Perhaps one of Castollux’s prominent traits is exactly how quickly he can switch between the personalities above and below. The slightest trigger can send him into a trigger happy, ‘I’m going to rip your face off’ and spiteful creature or send him into a lovable, caring, almost motherly bout. He’s a strange creature, but he was born a Gemini and keeps to the stereotype. He never seems to have a stable mood, only a stable voice and expression.

Upbeat/Cheerful| Castollux’s eyes are always closed, though, no one knows why. He can still see, but seems to trust his senses more than his eyes. There’s a slight quirk to his muzzle, making him seem as if he’s smiling, even when he is angry. He could be sad, and that slight, ever present smile will be on his face, and his voice always has a cheerful tenor to it that makes him seem pleased with life. It can be both calming and creepy at the same time, for he may just peer around the corner and ‘stare’ at his interest, even after they notice him, or his lack of ability to show fear may make others more confident. It’s a double edged blade

Morbid| Castollux often jokes lightly about the deaths of others, including, but not limited to frogs, predators, and other tribe mates. If he finds a dead animal, he feels like he must find out what makes the thing work, and he dissects it. Any accident or trechery that results in the death of another immediately excites him. 

Undeterred by Fate| Castollux doesn’t believe that something controls what happens, and he doesn’t really care about what other people tell him to do (though he will respect his leader’s wishes) and will often go against their wishes just to irk them or to prove a point that nothing has control over his life besides himself.

Free spirited| Castollux does what Castollux wants, and there’s very few things that get in his way. He doesn’t bind himself to physical things, and this makes his relationships very difficult. He is outside of the acceptable social norm and he cares little for what other think about himself, or how they will react to his comments.

Faux innocence| He acts a little dumb sometimes to make the object of his attention seem superior to him in whatever way possible and to make them more comfortable. He’s really very intelligent though, and those that have known him for a long period of time will know that he is. He knows what’s going on, even if he says he doesn’t; it’s a part of his game. 

Smooth/ Charismatic| Castollux’s eternally happy tone is probably what makes him a charismatic kitty. He can offhandedly insult someone (or directly, depending on the circumstances and whether or not he can stand up to them and come out alive. Sometimes he’ll take whatever beating comes along with his snide words, if he deems the situation worth it) and they may never know. He’s very easy to get along with, especially since he tends to the needs of the one talking to him and gets on their good side as quick as possible so they relax around him and let him have fun teasing them later.

Passionate| While Castollux isn’t really a charmer in the traditional sense, he has a passion for those he holds dear. If someone manages to get him to like them enough to the point where he just doesn’t want to tease them anymore, he won’t. He loves what he loves and that’s it. His love isn't 'love' though. His love is when he believes that something has become his toy, his object, and he doesn't want anyone to break them, so he becomes protective and possessive of them.
Fast Paced| Castollux doesn’t slow down for anyone and appreciates another soul that can keep 
up with his quick wit and dangerous paws. He’s very energetic and gets easily excited. He uses this speed to confuse other and to trick them into doing what he wants.

Cryptic| Whether to be his expression, her tone, his words, or a mixture of all of them, he leaves a lingering feeling of doubt in the back of the mind. He can say something and not mean a thing by it, but it may suddenly make others feel uncomfortable. He truly holds that ‘creepy doctor’ feel.

Sadistic| Should someone trigger him, the air around her will seem to drop a few degrees, and surprisingly, he’ll get more talkative, his tone will reveal the bit of his sadistic tendencies, his grin will get ever so slightly wider (perhaps with teeth showing), and his words will come out of her mouth quicker as he tries to confuse, humiliate, and undermine their confidence. If someone gets on his bad side (which is easy), he will stop at nothing to make the offender’s life miserable. He wouldn’t ever kill them or leave any evidence of his sadism, but if it wasn’t for his control over his impulses, he would. Castollux often does more damage then is necessary when fighting, and some of his relationships reflect his need to see other write around in pain, physical or mental. He takes joy in others pain. He loves to humiliate others in a subtle way. He’ll know other’s discomforts and fears, and is more than willing to exploit them. He will do something, then run quickly away, leaving the one in the wake of his pranks. He stares, he constantly changes his aliases, he walks in different ways sometimes just because he can, he’s not afraid to shove his face in someone else’s with wide eyes should they not be paying attention to him (at all times), and he’s just downright creepy sometimes. He doesn’t care either; he does what she wants, and if he wants to plop right down next to someone, he will.
Fearless| Castollux seems to have no sense of self preservation, and while me may not go against something he knows will kill him, he will not waver in the face of danger, and he’ll tackle it head on.

Tease| He’s more then willing to poke fun at anyone, but mostly targets those he calls his friends. He’ll do whatever pleases him most, and really doesn’t care much about the other’s feelings. It’s not often people catch onto his teases and fake threats, but when they do, they’re often left not sure what to think. 

MacGyver| He is very resourceful and can solve problems with what he has on hand. As urban dictionary states, he is 'someone who can jump start a truck with a cactus' were there any trucks or cacti about. 

Fighter| Castollux is one of the few Light tribers always knew how to raise his paw and strike at someone. His siblings and he, all with conflicting, yet similar personalities, always got in scuffles with each other, but he always came out on top because of his high strength. He won’t just roll over without a fight most of the time, unless it’s of advantage to him.

Sociopathic| Castollux is a textbook definition of a sociopath. He “lacks a sense of moral responsibility and social conscience (” and often, this trait can be synonymous with the word Psychopath. he has no empathy, no remorse, and though he talks, he is still antisocial, as he harbors a dislike of everyone he meets. Others should be advised that this kitty is a bomb that’s waiting to explode.

Eye Color: Unknown; Always closed, but will be revealed later in plots. He functions as if he was blind, but is capable of opening his eyes.
Scent: Chamomile and Apples
Body Build: Large and with pronounced muscles under his massive amount of fur. He's the largest size possible, and is very heavy.  His tail is very long and fluffy.
Voice: Henry (Fire Emblem Awakening) 
  … (8:53 – 9:10)
Breeds: Maine Coon/ Norwegian Forest Cat/Sphinx

       Ten Hidden Feather Shaped Blades taken from Wind Falcon

History:Castollux’s ancestors were assumed descendants of the Golden Butterfly, but it was never proven whether or not they were. They harbored a grudge against the tribes that they were exiled from, and taught each of their descendants that the Tribes were unjust and that they were never to join them again, no matter what happened. 

Such traditions continued to his mother’s generation. She had a different mindset; she wanted to destroy them from the inside out, but she was injured, ugly, and unacceptable in the eyes of society and most importantly, her tribe tattoo marking had been destroyed along with the leg that it was on, but not all hope was gone for the female. She had kittens, six of them at that, and it was a perfect number, if all went according to plan. She taught them her views on the tribes for months and months until they were about 12 months of age. When they were taught their history and how to care for themselves and what she expected of them when they got older, she made them aware of her desires and let them free in the direction of the tribes, not following them in fear of them not accepting her kittens and all chance of what might be revenge slipping through her paws. 
It took them longer than expected to get anywhere near the tribes, 5 months to be exact, and the time spent allowed Castollux’s mind to wander. His mother expected all of them to work together and achieve great things, but all he could hear was whining, complaining, and kitten mewls the entire five months. They didn’t believe in their mother, they didn’t WANT what she raised them to want, and it boggled his mind, which was beyond salvation. It had fallen into a deep abyss, and all he wanted was to salvage the pride that was ripped away from his family so long ago, and if these squealing babes wouldn’t help him, he would more than happily take all the honor and glory for himself. 

He was intelligent enough to realize that killing them all at once would prove difficult and perhaps kill him in the process. He needed to weaken them, make them more then easy to handle, and catch them off guard, so one by one they would fall to him. They wouldn’t realize it until it was too late. 

His first kill would be his brother, one close to his size. They walked too close to a cliff, and Castollux, Yarne at the time, would always remember his final words to him. “You know, brother…I’d be alright with this, you know…never going to the tribess and it bring just us. It could be fun, peaceful. They’re a horrible place filled with horrible, murderous cats.”

“Huh…you think so?”

“Yeah, ma’ told us so.”

“I guess I’ll fit right in then.”

It was then he caught his only actual competition off guard and shoved him off the edge. He watched as he fell, and when the cat’s head smashed against the rough rocks with a spray of blood, he considered his job done and walked away to tell the remaining four that he simply didn’t watch his step and fell off. 

The second one seemingly got caught in an accidental rock slide. Little did they know that Castollux had gone out before and set up the elaborate trap. His sister was the one that fell this time, and she too whispered her final words to Castollux. 

“I always knew it was you; you’re the only one capable of doing such treacherous acts.” 

“Why do you say that, sister?”

“Because you’re the only one without remorse. To kill your own kin without a second though. Seize the day, Yarne.”

“As you wish.”

The third was his last true kill, and he caught the small male off guard and cut his Achilles heel and immobilized him before he could do anything else, and he turned on his sister and his runt of a brother. His sister gave him a nasty scratch across his eye, and the brother but his tail, but he managed to get them off and went to pounce, but the hurt brother managed to yank him down and wrestle him, further injuring his eye, as the other two got away, wounds on their bodies gaping as well. Castollux easily delivered a swift bite to his neck, but did not kill immediately. He wanted his last words, and he got them. 

“This will haunt you…forever…Happiness was in our reach…look, just look what you did…! I…hate…you…” The dying cat gurgled out before he died. Castollux dropped him with  

“Did you ever love me? Any of you? I think not.” and chased after his two living siblings, yet he never found them.

He stared off into the distance, and with a sigh of content as blood dripped off his face and into his open mouth, he closed his eyes, making a final vow to never open them until he took over the tribes. They would only see those burning orbs of his when he had gotten his goal.

He cleansed himself of the physical manifestation of his sins in a river, then a patch of medicinal flowers (chamomile) before another cat found him and guided him back to the tribes. The scent stuck to him though, and he enjoys the little flowers the most out of all of them.  

Branch Account

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 30, 2015, 7:05 AM
Hello everyone! This is just a quick announcement for those interested in my literature not associated with my rp characters. 

I am creating a branch account for just non-group literature. This includes mainly fanfictions and independent writing, but other topics may come up. I want to improve my writing, but for the sake of tidiness and my own personal comfort, they will be here


Any of my literature located on this profile will stay.

I am taking requests, and hopefully I will have a donation pool up for completely optional donations. I am a freshman in college who's very tight on money right now, so anything helps!

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  • Reading: Game of Thrones
  • Playing: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
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