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New Skin and Internet Connection Issues

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 6:17 PM
Alright, If you have been with me in the chats, you may know that I'm almost constantly disconnected for no reason. I apologize because it's irritating for both parties, and I'm hoping that once I move into my new dorm, these issues will be resolved. However, right now I live in the boonies and the internet here is spotty at best. 

; u; ) Gomen

But I have finally gotten around to playing with my premium membership MotherOfJayzer gave me for Christmas! I'm enjoying it and just this fun skin was worth it! Thank you so much!

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Tumu||Deer Clan||Abamenko by Pimpin-Waffle
Tumu||Deer Clan||Abamenko

 Deer by Pimpin-Waffle

[ Basic Information ]

Name: Tumu
    - Meaning “Deer Who is Thinking about eating Onions” (Iswearthisistrue)
Nickname: She’ll accept anything
Date of Birth: March 29
Age: 18 years
Gender:  Female
 Humanoid Height: 4'9 (5'1 if you count horns)
Humanoid Weight: 111 lbs


[ Beast Information ]

Beast Clan: Deer Clan
Species: Dama dama or Fallow Deer
Rank: Medic 
Feral Height: 6’0
Feral Weight: 200 lbs
   - Very Agile
   - Anatomical/Medical knowledge
   - Good at Climbing and Hiding
   -Physically weak
   -Small Horns
   -Smaller stature

Tumu's deer form is a smaller stature than many other large deer in the forest, making her an common target for hungry predators and easy to take down, should they get the chance. However, they have to catch her, and with above average agility and speed, that can be a very difficult feat. Should she get caught though, she's not able to put up much of a fight since her strength is below average, but that doesn't mean she doesn't know where to kick. Her medical knowledge allows her to know where to kick to do a lot of damage, but sometimes she's not able to deliver a hard enough blow. Her small horns hinder her fighting ability since they're thin and don't jut very far from her head. They're a blessing when it comes to hiding, though; she's almost like a mountain goat with how she can scale up walls with only a tiny foot hold or fit into small alcoves for safety, and this is thanks to her tiny horns, hooves, and overall petite stature.   


[ Personal Information ]


+ Friendly
+ Adaptable
+ Honest
+ Zealous
+ Compassionate


- Gullible
- Clingy
- Materialistic
- Stubborn
- Self Conscious

Tumu is a very easy creature to approach; she just looks friendly, and with her small, frail stature and large eyes, she isn't intimidating at all. She's happy to be approached, even sometimes by things that want to eat her, and that can be her downfall, if she didn't have one of her brother with her most the time. She tries taking life in stride and doesn't get too upset if things don't quite go her way and she's able to change to meet the needs of the situation. She's also very honest with her feelings and emotions and easily to trust because of this. When she dedicates herself to something, she's very intense and completes the task with copious amounts of zeal, but she doesn't lose her compassion. She's always sure to tend to others when she can, and sometimes, even when she shouldn't.

Tumu's cleverness can be both a blessing and a curse for those around her. While she can think of a quick fix for a problem very quickly, she can also use this to manipulate others. She knows that she has short comings and needs to have others do things for her, so she'll figure out how to bribe them and make them help her. is very trusting. 

Tumu, however clever she is, isn't the sharpest tool in the shed; she'd believe someone if they told her that blueberries were spicy. It gets her into a lot of trouble, but having one of her companions by her side almost all the time has saved her from many bad situations. The constant presence of another has made her very clingy over time though, and when she makes a new friend, she's reluctant to let them go. She's also very reluctant to let go of her material possessions and considers them very near and dear to her heart; when she's force to give them up, she gets very upset (possibly to tears, depending on the item). She's also very stubborn, and when she puts her mind to something, she's not going to give it up because someone tells her no. Tumu has always strived to be like her mother, and she believed that her mother was beautiful, so she too wanted to be beautiful. However, that's grown to consume her, and now, she's very obsessed with keeping herself young and pretty. Scars scare her, and she avoids getting into fights because she's scared her face will scar. 

+ Onions
+ Flowers
+ Fish
+ Food in general
- Meat
- Spicy Peppers
- Fighting

Tumu never knew her father; she grew up with her mother, Layla, and Uki, a Peary Caribou that Layla took in when she found him alone and separated from his own parents, in a small herd. Tumu was born a few years later and lived a peaceful childhood with the two. Layla passed on her knowledge of healing onto her daughter and taught her for many years. However, while Tumu's knowledge grew, Uki's body grew. He became larger than all of the herd, and they did not accept him anymore, as he was seen as a threat to their survival. They banished him, and Tumu, closer to Uki than any of the herd she was in, left alongside him. 

They traveled towards Ogoya City, remaining in the areas where few dwelled and there were many places for the two to hide away from the areas well known for high predator activity. Along the way, much to Uki's chagrin, Tumu insisted they help a few of the injured animals that posed no threat to them. In turn, those that helped them gave them shelter and food on their journey. They took the days in stride, and once they reached their destination, they joined Deer clan, Tumu as a medic and Uki as a warrior. 

[ Relationship Information ]

Orientation: Heterosexual
Status: Single
Significant Other: None
Current Attraction[s]: None
+ Protective
+ Adventurous/Curious
+ Confidence 
+ Ambition
Key: [Name / Gender] " Explanation of feelings towards character. "
[Uki/Male] "Uki’s been been around for a long, long time. Mother took him in before I was born and he stayed around after too and took care of me like we were related, even though we're not. He's made sure I haven't gotten into too much trouble, and I make sure he doesn't get sick." (( A-Little-Psycho )) 


[ Additional Information ]

- While she is no expert in human language, she does know enough to communicate basic needs and desires in broken language.
- Peonies are her favorite flowers.
- She likes playing with long hair and is often found braiding flowers into her victim's her friends' hair. 
- She only has one pair of horns that stick up vertically. The horizontal horns are a pair of Uki's old horns (that he shed as he does yearly) that she wove into her flower   crown.
- She will gladly make you a flower crown
- She enjoys getting pet and picked up, but don't get too rough.
- Voice Sample:…

Anything you feel we should know about your character? Let us know!

RP Style:Google Docs/notes for long roleplays (3+ paragraphs), Skype for shorter roleplays (I’d like to get to know you before I add you). Available for DA chat roleplays. 


1. I'm pretty sure you know the drill.
2. Serrously tho I gess - answer the questions as though from the point of view of your TGB baby!
3. And tag whoever you'd like to condemn! ^u^ Woot woot



1. Hi! What can I call you? And what’s your True Name? owo

Castoolux: My my, let's get straight to business! You may call me Allah, or Castor, or Pollux. Cauis, Arnau, Sibil, Tamerlaine, Osiris, Laertes, Loxius, Ulysses, Xolani, Burel, Iakob, Theo, Cael, or Haldor work too, but I'd like to have you decide my name~~ 


2. Nice! How many season-cycles do you have under your proverbial belt?

 Castollux: Hmmmm...I Don't really keep track, but I believe a little over 3?  


3. What tribe do you hail from?

Castollux: I was born outside the tribes, but currently, I live in Light tribe~  

4. And what’s your opinion of the local government? owo

Castollux: I wish they would hand all authority to me~ They're doing a lot of things wrong! 


5. Let’s get down to the stuff Tabloids are made of! Who’s your true love?

Castollux: Oh my, someone is into gossip! A tom of my standing never tells! But there is someone~


6. Aww~~~ Have you kissed yet?

Castollux: Oh we might have done far more than that, but you'll never know~


7. So… anyone else? eue

Castollux: At the moment, no~


8. Alrighty then! Dumb question – what’s your favorite color?

Castollux: Hmm...I never thought much about it...I prefer white. It's simple and pure~


9. Favorite season? owo

Castollux: Winter is a lovely time of year. Snow and cold don't bother me. 

10. Now what’s your biggest fear?

Castollux: Fear is for those who can't face their problems properly~ Aging will happen, but I will have my children to carry on my legacy after I am gone. Wounds will heal with time~ There's nothing I fear because everything fears me, whether they realize it or not! 

11. Any siblings?

 Castollux: Not anymore~


12. Who’s your hero?

Castollux: Oh, me of course~ Wait, that's not a choice? well, it should be.

I suppose if I must put someone other than myself, Sonya is someone I hold in high regards! 


13. Who’s your worst enemy?

Castollux: M-I-K-A-H~ 


14. What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together?

Castollux: Cheer on my hero, maybe get in there if I need to~ Rip his throat out, sweetheart~! 


15. What would you do if you met your creator?

Castollux: Creator or not, I'll make her my slave~  


16. Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Castollux: Why grow up? That's not a very nice world. However, I do wish to...lead the tribes. Yes of course~ Lead!


17. What’s your worst nightmare?

Castollux: Nightmares? ME? How silly~ How can I have nightmares when I don't even dream? But, I suppose it would be unpleasant to see my mother again; she was terrifying as kitten, and really ugly with those faded blue eyes...How old was she anyway? Probably older than dirt...Maybe even older than Mikah! 


18. Anyone you want to send to the afterlife?

Castollux: Nyaha! Of course, silly! Everyone! Anyone who crosses me! But...To name one, I'd have to say Mikah, that old water triber, has been canoodling where he shouldn't be! 


19. Now that we’re getting a little serious (or really just because the meme is almost over) what’s your opinion of Alriyel, reincarnated?

Castollux: I have mixed feelings about that thing~ He's certainly got style, so kudos to him, but he's taking my glory. I'll deal with him accordingly when the time is right!


20. What’s on your bucket list?

Castollux: Oh my, there's a lot on my proverbial list of buckets. I want to be adored by many, have them clamoring for miles just to come see me, but only after Sonya and I have some kittens, and then, the little munchkins can carry on my legacy~ 


21. Where do you see yourself in a few season-cycles?

Castollux: Oh, you know~ With a certain squishy little female, her with a few of my children with fat bellies and unwavering loyalty to me~ Maybe If I'm lucky, I can finally complete my dream! Oh, that's a secret though~


22. We’re done! Now tag whoever you want.

Uh...I don't really know who's done this or not so---

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Save A Horse by Pimpin-Waffle
Save A Horse
Ride a cowboy. 

:iconmingplz: Little know fact about waffle...I think that country/western men are really attractive, and well...
Here we are now!
Yuuto Delacroix by Pimpin-Waffle
Yuuto Delacroix


Yuuto Delacroix








November 12








- Donna
- American Pop and classic rock
- Fruity Cereal
- Soft Drinks and Sodas
- Pop Rocks


- Himself
- Thin blankets
- Spicy food
- Soul Shiki/Yokai
- Fire


Flirtatious | Clever | Trickster | Protective | Pensive | Secretive | Manipulative | Curious | Resourceful | Self Loathing | Distrusting

Flirtatious: Yuuto loves the ladies, and he’ll sweet talk just about any female that acknowledges his existence (and some that don’t). He’s the type to love them and leave them, and it earns him many enemies. He’s not a virgin, and he does enjoy sexual activities and is very willing to please any woman. He’s had a lot of practice in the bedroom, but isn’t one to settle down, as he believes he’s not worthy of having such a life, and that he’s got a job to do.

Clever: While he may not seem like a very intelligent boy, he’s a quick lerner and thinker. He often
Protective – While Yuuto may not be very protective of many, he is very loyal to one person, and that’s Donna. He’d do just anything for her. He hates to see her go anywhere without him, be paired with anyone besides him, and do things on her own, though he won’t push her to take him with her places, he’ll keep an eye out for her wherever he is. If something threatens her, he’s quick to jump to her aid. He can get sadistic when it comes to dealing with the threat, and he’ll make it’s death/exorcism slow and painful for it.  

Pensive – Again, while it may not be a trait he openly shows, Yuuto thinks a lot about how he’d messed up in the past, his own emotions, what he’s going to do with his life, and how he’s going to get through the day. He usually keeps his upbeat, free spirited demeanor as he think of dark things, and usually has a smirk on his face.

Secretive: Yuuto doesn’t like divulging many of his actual emotions or his history to anyone, so he often lies to keep the truth from getting out. He doesn’t like when people try to ask him about his history or thoughts, and often comes up with a way of avoiding the questions.

Manipulative: Yuuto uses his words to get control of a situation or a person. He tells them what they want to hear, even if it’s not the truth, and he isn’t afraid to lie to get what he wants. He uses people to get him things he can’t get on his own.

Curious: He wants to know more that he already does, and if something intrigues him, he’ll pursue it. He may be easily distracyed because of this, and tends to be annoying because he may be a little nosy. He’s generally not afraid of things if he doesn’t know what they are, and will willingly put his hands on something to investigate it.

Resourceful: Yuuto is very handy, and he can make anything into a weapon and tool. He uses his ability to his best do many tasks he would otherwise be unable to do. He can solve many problems that others may have a hard time solving.

Self Loathing: Yuuto really and truly hates himself more than anything on earth. He can’t get up one day and look in the mirror without wanting to smash the mirror because despises what he sees staring back at him. He believes himself low and cursed, awful and something worse than Yokai, but he keeps fighting regardless. He’s not afraid of death, and he’d welcome it with open arms. He doesn’t believe himself unworthy, but he wants to help people because he knows what its like to not be able to help yourself.

Distrusting: Yuuto may be friendly and welcoming on the outside, but he doesn’t trust anyone outside of Donna. He’s been betrayed too many times by outside sources and doesn’t give away his heart or trust. Because of this, he’s quick to jump into bed with someone, but will not want to lead a life with them afterwards. He doesn’t have very many friends or allies because of this. 


Trigger Warning

Yuuto was born to a high class family. His father, French man by the name of Jean Delacroix who moved to Japan to get his fortune, owned a local business that was growing rapidly. His mother was an model whose beauty was well known in the area. He got his mother’s beautiful face and eyes and his father’s surname and blonde locks.

From the start, Yuuto was expected to be greater than his father and mother, and he seemed to be well on track to doing so. He was trilingual (French, English, and Japanese), was involved with music and traditional culture, and he had many private tutors that were with him every day of the year except Sundays. On those days, he would go with his parents to the temples or on small trips into town. He knew his manners very well, and he was a quiet, respectable boy. He had little to no Japanese accent and is often confused to be a foreigner with his appearance and pronunciation. His father introduced him to shooting competitions, and while he started with handguns, he did learn how to use a rifle and inherited his current weapon from his father.  His mother showed him how to weave as she did, though he did not enjoy the quiet past time as much. However talented he was, he had no idea how to interact with children his age, as he rarely saw them, but he had been seeing Yokai since he was young and could not tell the difference between the spirits and actual humans. His parents could not see the spirits and they merely believed he had imaginary friends as they did at his age.

He quickly found out that he had control over shadows, and he showed his most trusted nanny, Yumiko. It was a puppet show, and when she saw that he was making complex images without the use of hand puppets or his fingers, she was frightened, but did not abandon the young boy.

“Hide these gifts of yours; it will scare your parents and friends.”

So Yuuto, ever obedient at the time, did as told. His parents never did find out about his abilities. As he aged however, he used these abilities in secret to help him prank his parents in neighbors, who swore he was the devil’s child with how he’d put a water bucket on their front door without ever setting foot on their porch and steal cookies from their jars when the windows were locked. His parent’s chastised him, but that just meant he had to be stealthier.

When he was eight, Yuuto saw a young child wandering into the street and into oncoming traffic. Not wanting the toddler to get hurt, he used his abilities to press the break of the car coming for her. However, he pressed too hard and suddenly and startled the driver. He wrecked into another car, breaking the gas tank. A third car that was going miles above the speed limit, crashed into the two cars and created a spark that lit them on fire. Yuuto was horrified, but he went to get the girl and drag her back. However, she disappeared, and he understood that she was not alive anymore and that it was a soul-shiki, and that he caused the wreck and killed the people in the cars. He became very afraid of cars after that day, and for weeks, he locked himself in his room, rarely coming out.

At ten, he caused another accident because of his foolishness. This time, a Yokai spoke with him after his parents, sitting in their second floor bedroom, told him to turn the heater up.

“This is the knob you want, little one.” The yokai, dressed in a uniform similar to the one that the house maids wore, told him and pointed at the knob that controlled gas flow to the house. He believed it and turned the knob, and minutes later, after Yuuto ventured outside to get a flower for his mother, the Yokai set the house ablaze with a single spark. The initial explosion sent Yuuto flying onto his back, his face cut from a large glass shard and his head pounding with what would be a concussion. He got up and went into the blazing home to try to rescue his parents, even going as far as to use his shadow abilities to help him, but the smoke was too much for him ,and he passed out from over exposure.

He woke up in the hospital a few days later, his head and face bandaged, his muscles weak and his parents passed. The investigators deemed it an accident, but Yuuto knew it was his fault though, and for the rest of his life, he’d despise his very existence, as it was his fault for turning the wrong knob and indirectly causing the death of his family and the destruction of his home. His aunt kindly took the young boy in and tried to guide him, but Yuuto’s own mind made her efforts in vain.

Unconsciously trying to deal with the pain of his past mistakes. Yuuto got involved in crime. He found boys his age at school and join their makeshift gang. They did drugs and vandalized and trespass on properties and stole from schools and drug stores. He was sent back from school to his aunt on multiple occasions, and at 15, he would drop out of school and leave his aunt’s home for street life. He spent many days either drunk or high, the temporary clouding of his judgment the only thing to rid him of his anxiety and depression for a short time. It was a vain attempt at fitting in, but it was the best he had at the time.

One night, too high to refuse his friend’s dare, Yuuto and his equally rebellious friend trespassed on ‘haunted grounds’, both not believing the stories. They would enter the rotten house, and a Yokai followed them in. The spirit shoved down a large piece of wood and pinned down Yuuto’s friend. The wood was too heavy to lift by hand, and with the flashing lights of the police just outside, Yuuto panicked and used his shadows to lift the wood up enough for his friend to escape. They fled the scene, but after getting to safety, his friend would confront him, and get the truth from Yuuto’s lips.

“You’re a freak!” the friend would cry out, backing away from Yuuto, who was dumbstruck at his response, “Stay away from me!”

So with his heart broken and nowhere else to turn, Yuuto would be on his own, trying to figure out what to do next. He’d decide, after weeks of alcohol and bad decisions, that just ending his nightmare of a life would be best. So he got up, took a shower, and went to find the proper place to end it all.

However, a dumb, blonde American girl stopped him, flailing and clueless. He felt pity for her, and brought her to her destinations. On the way , he tricked her into buying lunch for them on a whim, and fooled her into buying shorts that read “I’m a dumbass”, “American Tourist”, and “Lettuce” on them in Kanji, as she was unfamiliar with the language. After getting her home safe and sound, he was tired, and told himself that he would go die tomorrow, after resting under a tree for the night.

He checked on Donna the next morning, and yet again, made sure she got to the places she wanted to go. For weeks, he repeated this process, telling himself that the next day would be his last, but it never happened. After weaning himself off his drugs and bad habits, Yuuto slowly got his life in order and joined OFFEY with Donna. With his father’s weapon now modified to be effective, he’s significantly better…for the time being.


Shadow Manipulation




Yuuto bends and manipulates the shadows around him and uses them how he pleases.


Shadow solidification: Strongest skill and primary use; Allows him to solidify shadows and use them as either an extension of his body or have it function similar to water. It’s easily dispelled by getting cut or hit with a reasonable amount of force/another ability. Used to cushion impacts, offensive fighting as a solid mass, and occasionally, can be used to break into manual locks (shapes them into key shapes).

Shadow Sneak: He can hide small objects completely in a shadow and use it to make him harder to spot at night; he can also make his silhouette a slightly different shape and size.

Shadow Blind: Rarely used because it is taxing; he can coat the outside of someone’s eyes with concentrated shadows and render them blind since light cannot enter their eyes. Makes their eyes black because the shadows, but takes extreme concentration from him; he can use it for three minutes before passing out at night, and one minute in harsh daylight.


Anti Yokai Tank rifle
-Heavy and makes him slow
-harsh recoil
-Reload after each shot
+Greater firepower
+ High powered scope
+ Keeps him out of direct combat


Voice: Dean Winchester (S1)…

Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety: Yuuto has unrealistic worries and tension over many things, many involving Donna as he is very protective of her. He has trouble sleeping a lot because of his anxiety, he’s restless and often goes out at random times to walk off his anxiety. He’s got muscles aches and headaches, and often he often thinks every situation is going to end in the worst way possible. He’s also always feeling a lot of guilt every day and often thinks about committing suicide, both of which makes him lose his appetite often.

It Is common for people with depression to turn to destructive behaviors, especially as children.


New Skin and Internet Connection Issues

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 6:17 PM
Alright, If you have been with me in the chats, you may know that I'm almost constantly disconnected for no reason. I apologize because it's irritating for both parties, and I'm hoping that once I move into my new dorm, these issues will be resolved. However, right now I live in the boonies and the internet here is spotty at best. 

; u; ) Gomen

But I have finally gotten around to playing with my premium membership MotherOfJayzer gave me for Christmas! I'm enjoying it and just this fun skin was worth it! Thank you so much!

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